Gable House Bowl is a green friendly company. We do all of the following things to ensure that we are as eco-friendly as possible:

1/3 of our power comes from solar electric panels. Click here to see how much power we've saved!

We recycle our old bowling pins by giving them as gifts at birthday parties

We recycle 40 tons of glass bottles per year

We recycle 10,000 pizza boxes per year

We recycle old socks by donating them to the homeless

We recycle all of or cardboard and papers

Our facilities are equipped with T8 electronic ballast low energy lights and a new, energy efficient air conditioner.

Right Now 4:21 PM Nov 23, 2013 System Size: 135 kWDC
Generating 1 kW


Cell Temp

Ambient Temp
Greenhouse Gases Avoided Since Installation Jan 29, 2007
CO2 1,731,302 lbs.
NOx 517 lbs.
Average household C02 output is 22,750 lbs./yr.
Equivalent to:
The energy to power 27,781 homes for one day. The pollution an average passenger car emits over 63,209 days.